An expert roundtable discussion was held regarding the topics “Respect your mother tongue” and “Do you know your rights?” at the Ministry of Culture.

In the discussion several government organization representatives took part, namely, Inomjon Azimov, Director of the Center for Advanced Training Centre, Azizjon Eminov, Director of the Uzbek Language Development Fund, Shuhrat Kuchimov, Professor of the Uzbek Language and Literature Department of Tashkent State Law University, Doctor of Philology, Shavkat Artikov, adviser to the Minister of Culture, Alisher Saidjonov, head of the Legal Bureau of the Ministry of Culture, and employees of the Ministry’s central office.

The decision of the Cabinet of Ministers dated May 16, 2022 “On approving the program of measures to improve legal culture in society in 2022-2023” covers a wide range of tasks, and essentially is to ensure the improvement of legal literacy of all layers.

The roundtable participants discussed the important aspects that need to be focused in these directions and the measures to be implemented in the future. Proposals and comments were made regarding mutual cooperation on strengthening the promotion of the state language.

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